Health and Wellness

Research shows that Kefir has a wide range of stellar health benefits. Its seven to ten probiotic cultures, combined with essential vitamins and nutrients, work to improve your body's health and wellness from the inside out, helping jumpstart your digestion, control your weight and fight the flu. 

Kefir can be especially beneficial for: 

  • Children, who may benefit from digestible, nutritious, pleasant and healthy food.
  • Expectant mothers who often find it hard to take any other food.
  • Convalescents, aged people or those whose digestion is sluggish.
  • People treated with sulfamides or antibiotics as their protective intestinal flora may be destroyed during such treatments.
  • Sedentary people, who need a balanced and easily digestible source of food.

For more information on how kefir can help you be your healthiest, most radiant self, follow on to the next sections and see what our health professionals say about kefir.