NKA Members

Fresh Made

Founded in the early 1980s, Fresh Made helped introduce the United States to the unique, delectable and health-promoting dairy product called Kefir. Their Kefirs come in lowfat and nonfat varieties, and more than 30 delicious flavors.

But Fresh Made makes more than just Kefir. They also offer Farmer Cheese, butter spreads and a variety of ethnic dairy products. All Fresh Made products are made from the very freshest ingredients, including milk from Amish farms located just miles from their facilities in Pennsylvania. A growing company, Fresh Made has dominated the East Coast market for Kefir and has gone from a small, humble dairy to a major dairy supplier.

Helios Nutrition

Based in Minnesota, Helios Nutrition was founded to bring consumers delicious, scientifically-based food products that promote a sense of wholeness and well-being. Socially and environmentally responsible, Helios has always strived to bring consumers the highest quality organic, functional foods that combine the latest findings in nutritional research with traditional foods associated with healthy living.

Helios Organic Kefir is fermented in small batches and contains premium ingredients gathered from around the globe. Its unique formula, intended to promote everyday good health, is beneficial to both children and adults and supports a balanced intestinal ecosystem, the foundation for healthy immunity.

Lifeway Foods, Inc.

Lifeway Foods, Inc., named one of Fortune Small Business' Fastest Growing Companies for four years in a row as of 2010, is America's leading supplier of Kefir and Organic Kefir. Lifeway produces variety of different flavors of its drinkable Kefir and Organic Kefir beverage, and has introduced a series of innovative new products, such as a children's line of Organic Kefir products called ProBugs (TM) with a no-spill pouch and kid-friendly flavors like Orange Creamy Crawler, Goo Berry Pie, Sublime Slime Lime and Strawnana Split.

Lifeway Kefir Shop

With multiple locations in the Chicagoland area, the Lifeway Kefir Shop is a growing brand and a unique player in the crowded frozen dessert sector. Its frozen treats, lowfat smoothies and yummy parfaits are made from Kefir. With its healthful twist on breakfast and dessert, the Lifeway Kefir Shop is poised to make an impact on frozen yogurt and Kefir-lovers alike.